Why Has No One Done Anything About China?

If a foreign country dropped a bomb in the middle of NYC and killed 822,000 people we’d surely retaliate. (As a reference, 3,000 people were killed on 9/11 and we spent 20 years fighting multiple wars over this.)
At the very least we’d be justified in bombing them and taking out the leaders who authorized such a horrendous attack on our people, assuring this could never happen again.
Well, our enemy hasn’t dropped a bomb, but they have attacked us, and in many ways have done far more damage than a bomb ever could.
You see friends, we’re in the middle of a war right now…
China has attacked us through a biological weapon known as Covid-19 and taken out over 822,000+ American citizens. And counting. The numbers grow by the day.
They’ve managed to cripple our economy, spread mass fear, turn us against one another, weaken our nation, devastate families, injure hundreds of thousands of citizens, and kill hundreds of thousands more.
And their price for this endless destruction? Their cost for changing the entire fabric of our existence on this planet?
Absolutely nothing.
They’ve gotten away scot-free.
Not a retaliatory bomb.
Not a drone strike.
Not even a single fucking bullet fired on these communist scumbags.
My question is why? What are we waiting for? Why have we not shut down the Wuhan lab from which this entire catastrophe originated? Why are we allowing these evil scientists who created Covid to continue to study and create new viruses? They should all be given the same death sentence they gave to so many individuals around the country, and around the globe for that matter.
This is not only about vengeance but about current and future safety. If we continue to do nothing who’s to say China et al. won’t release a new virus next month or next year? One for instance that has a death rate of say 77% like the Nipah virus. How do we stop these sick maniacs from combining the lethal properties of Nipah and the contagious properties of Covid and wiping out 3/4 of our population?
More importantly, why is absolutely nobody within our national government asking these questions?
It’s past time we Americans start demanding answers.
We’ve been attacked by a foreign country and it appears we’ve been sold out by the leaders of our own.
God bless 🇺🇸

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