About Us

We’re a group of Patriotic Americans who love our country, our freedom, our rights, and of course God. We also love Trump and love what he stands for. He’s the only president in history who stood up to the swamp and took on all the crooked career politicians who’ve been lining their pockets at the expense of hardworking Americans for decades.

Trump wasn’t perfect as president but he was exactly what America needed and he had the courage to stand up and fight. He was as tough as they come and America needed a badass like him to bring us back to greatness and expose the corruption in Washington and in the media.

Perhaps the greatest thing Donald J. Trump did was expose the media as fake and full of complete shit with virtually every story they fabricated. Coining the phrase “Fake News” he shined a bright spotlight on the lies and manipulation that has been going on for years. And by doing so he created a legion of people willing to share the truth about what’s really going on in the world.

American Freedom Tribe is a part of this legion. A part of those willing to share the truth, stand up for America, and defend (albeit peacefully) against the evil and corruption that has seeped into every crevice of the global power structures.

We’re on the right side of history and we always will be. But we need more people like you to help us win this fight as we’re only just beginning.

Will you join the American Freedom Tribe and stand beside us?

We’re gonna need as many Patriots as possible.


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American Freedom Tribe
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