The Ultimate Level of Stupidity In America

We've reached the ultimate level of stupidity in America.
Here's a picture of a bunch of over-privileged ASU college kids holding up signs like "Death to America," "End White Supremacy," and "ASU's Legacy Is White Supremacy," in a protest against Kyle Rittenhouse wanting to attend ASU.

The irony of their rhetoric is completely lost on every simpleton in the crowd.
These young dummies don't realize just how lucky they are to live in a country that offers them the greatest opportunity for success and the greatest opportunity for equality.
Not to mention the Rittenhouse case had absolutely nothing to do with race (nobody but white people were involved), which just goes to show you these protesters, by calling out Kyle's white race, are in fact the only racists involved in this situation.
They are attacking him based off the color of his skin, which is exactly what they claim to be against.
And if ASU's legacy is in fact "White Supremacist" as one young dumbass claims on his sign, why the fuck would you want to spend $30,000 every year going to that shitty university?
If you were smart you'd by a house in 4 years, spend 4 years studying actual historical examples of racism, and then come out of seclusion in 8 and sound like a normal productive member of society, instead of a dipshit college kid with communist ideas and 120,000 in debt.
The same goes for the "Death To America" asshole and also the numerous "White Supremacist" morons who clearly invoke race into every situation it doesn't belong.
I'd doubt these Gen Z Warriors will take my advice so let's hope they move to California soon as it seems to be a pretty big safe space for looney tune beliefs

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